The ‘Radical Midlife Re-Design’
4 Month Immersion

THIS IS IT! This is where we get down to ‘THE WORK’, in all it’s beautiful, crazy, messy, soul-mining majesty and start the ‘DOING’ that will grant us our ultimate

In mythology, Midlife can be seen as the season of Autumn, a time of ‘excess falling away’.  A time of preparation for the ‘going to ground’, rest and reflection in Winter time.  All this before THE REBIRTH AND THE SECOND SPRING OF A WOMAN’S LIFE!

This 4 MONTH LONG IMMERSION will be a root and branch exploration of your past, current and future self (Maiden, Matriarch and Sage) you as we journey through my 8 UNIQUE Phases of a Radical Midlife Re-Design.

The goal is to create a seismic shift in your awareness, atunement, resolve and WORK CAPACITY to not only envision and plan but EXECUTE ON CREATING A LIFE OF YOUR OWN DESIGN!

I guarantee that you will emerge MORE YOU than ever before with a brand new, compelling, exciting map of this brand new terrain. And ready to live your very best next years by harnessing the authentic power of the REAL YOU!’

Each 1-1 Coaching and Immersion Participant Receives Their Own Luxury Power Years Project Journal

8 Phases of Radical Midlife Re-Design

Phase 1 All the A's - The Mother of All Life Audits
Phase 2 Compassionate Inquiry® - Unravelling Your Story
Phase 3 The Ring of Fire
Phase 4 Vivid Re-Imagining
Phase 5 Radical Midlife 'Map-Making'
Phase 6 Integration
Phase 7 Fine Tuning + Future Proofing
Phase 8 Exit Strategy