Imagine spending 1 whole year to RE-IMAGINE, RE-AUTHOR and IMPLEMENT your dream plan for your BEST YEARS YET!

Imagine spending 1 whole year where YOU FOCUS ON YOU!

So many women at ‘midlife’ are standing in the middle of our own lives without a plan.

If you have a business, you have a plan.

If you have kids, you have a plan for them.

But somehow we have fallen off our own LIFE-LIST in terms of ‘having a plan’.

Our children are growing up, our parents are growing old and many of us are the middle…..without a clear plan or map of this brand new territory that we are about to embark on and this big issue is that ‘the ‘game’ has changed and we need a new plan!’

So, how about for a whole year, you pull the focus and spotlight FIRMLY back onto YOU!?

You’ve been taking care of everyone else for years and will continue to for many years to come but now it’s time for YOU to go top of your own list!
Now it’s time to spend 1 year to make your next years your best years yet!

From your cognitive and mental wellbeing to getting out of your mom-jeans rut!

From starting that micro or macro business that you’ve had in your ‘dreams book’ for the past 5 years to getting the skills and education that will allow you to quit the dead-end-job you’ve been surviving in for years.

From jogging along in your marriage like room-mates to reviving your deep ‘friendship’ and passion with your life-partner.

From thinking that you’re body-shape, fitness and energy levels are stubbornly fixed at midlife to being the Shero of your own comeback story.

From feeling HO-HUM to feeling SO HOT and POWERFUL – BUT this time round on YOUR TERMS!

But this time round with all the wisdom and depth of knowledge gathered thus far.

With an all-star cast of those who are truly EXPERT in creating turnarounds in all the above areas and so much more, I invite you to join me on a 1 year journey to take control and be the author of your best years yet….

EXPECT nobody to care about your life more than YOU, nobody!


It’s time to stop sleep-walking through your life and enter YOUR POWER YEARS!

Class 1 of the first 10 Beta Participants – ARE IN CLASS NOW!

Your Beautiful Complimentary 200+ Page Power Years Project Journal

Additional Info + FAQ’s


Who is this 1 Year Immersion For?
This 1 Year Immersion is for every woman who KNOWS with every fibre in her being that THE TIME IS NOW!  The time is NOW to get a grip of her health, relationship with others, relationship with herself and that overall, she’s standing at the edge of the next half of her time on this planet and that deserves taking a year to think, dream and plan her POWER UP! It’s for any woman who KNOWS that to make the shifts she desires, will take WORK that she’s not afraid to do.  It’s for any woman who is tired of sleep-walking through her own life and wants to live with purpose!

How is this IMMERSION delivered? What kit do I need?
You’ll need a computer and internet connection on a technical level…..on a HEART, SOUL, MIND AND SPIRIT LEVEL…..you’ll need to bring along your deepest intention to tackle challenging topics, your GRIT, innate wisdom, your sense of humour and a big dose of self-compassion.  You’ll also need ‘staying-power’ and a commitment to DO WHAT YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO DO, even when things get a little sticky.
Will I Be Well Supported On This Course Even Though It Is Delivered On-Line?
YES, 100%!  The whole nature of this year is that the group of women is small and intimate and the goal is to go deep and get connected to not only yourself but to the other women on the journey with you.  For some of the major topics, we’ll be joined by professionals who are specialists for information and coaching the change process in that particular area.
Is this a Course/Certification like other Jenny Burrell/Burrell Education offerings?
No, this is not a Certification.  Although created and led by Jenny Burrell, this is 100% separate from Burrell Education and not a ‘formal’ education/course.  It’s a Personal Transformation Immersion.  There are no tests or certificates at the end.  Your ‘prize’ throughout and by the end of this Immersion is simply, A BETTER LIFE!  A life where you feel deeply connected to yourself and those you love and a life that you feel you’re living ON PURPOSE.
How Much Time Do I Need To Put Aside For This Programme?
There will be weekly virtual meetings to help keep everyone on track throughout the years and these meetings will last for a maximum of 1 hour.  Secondary to this weekly hour, there will be guest presenters on key topics where specialist input is required.  These additional sessions will be scheduled well in advanced and just like the weekly session, you will always have the option of attending in real time or watching the recording of the session later in your own time.  There will be ‘weekly homework’ designed to keep everyone moving towards their goals which participants are strongly encouraged to both complete and feedback on to the rest of the group.
How Do I Join The Next Immersion?
We’re actually CLOSED FOR INTAKES AT THE MOMENT but please take a moment to LIKE AND GET NOTIFICATIONS for the PYP Facebook Page to be alerted to the next intake and join the community by joining in lots of amazing ‘Power Years’ Challenges and conversations that will be running throughout the year.
How Long Can I Access The FB Support Group and Additional Online Content?
Forever!  There’s no cut-off to access, everyone who takes part in the Immersion will always have ETERNAL ACCESS TO ALL ONLINE CONTENT AND SUPPORT GROUP.
I'M DEEPLY INTERESTED! Where can I find the Curriculum and more information about the Immersion Year?
A link to more info, the curriculum and a waiting list for the next intake will be placed here shortly.



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