What EXACTLY Is Midlife Transition Coaching® ?

Midlife Transition Coaching® is a ‘Top Down (we sort your head out) + Bottom Up’ (we get the rest of your body involved too), Therapeutic Coaching model that gently reconnects women with the deepest version of who they REALLY are and who and what they ‘came here’ to be.

Who is it for?

If you’re a Midlife woman who’s feeling lost, blocked, stuck, confused, uninspired or generally as if you just need to ‘clean house’ at this point in your life, this is probably the perfect intervention for you.  We’ll do a deep dive into where you are now, where you truly want to be and what in the way of you living a life of your design – WITHOUT APOLOGY!

Why would you need ‘Therapeutic Coaching’? And Why ‘Diet Culture’ Solutions Won’t Solve the PRIMARY ISSUES at Midlife and beyond

So, what’s going on in the world of ‘Diet Culture’? ie., “Eat Less, Move More + The Magic Will Happen” Land!!  Well, there’s a great saying “if you only have a hammer, then everything looks like a nail” and in this case, the messaging is and has always been, “eat like me, move like me and you will be beautiful and have a wonderful life”…….errrrr NO!  That’s not true, unless you’re super lean, in your 20’s and have perfect hormonal regulation!  That’s lazy bullsh*t  and exactly why millions of women all over the world ‘fail’ at diet and exercise programmes on a daily basis and end up being disappointed in their precious bodies for literally their entire lifetime.

Smart Midlife women know that THE TRUE CHANGE required for a self-authored onward journey comes from shedding baggage and tackling long held unhelpful core-beliefs that keep tripping them up and that work starts in one’s head!  During MTR®, we gently and respectfully, get the head, heart and soul in gear FIRST because then the moving more/eating better thing NATURALLY falls into place.  When you feel better about yourself, you DO BETTER BY YOURSELF!

So why is all this ‘HEAD, HEART + SOUL’ stuff  REALLY IMPORTANT at Midlife?

Many women are coming out of the ‘fog’ of on-demand child-rearing feeling like they need an overhall in practically every area of their lives especially when it comes to tackling that feeling of being ‘off’ and their rapidly changing body image.  But those cunning marketeers (and I’m being kind there) will try to sell them yet another diet and exercise programme with the promise of returning them back to the waistline (and carefree lives) of their 20’s with little or no respect for the decades of life that these women have lived, their hormonal status, the fact that they are ‘dog tired’ from literally carring the ‘motherload’ of their families for decades and that THESE WOMEN HAVE BAGGAGE that needs examining and sorting before being ceremoniously being dropped off at a virtual charity store!  These women need a Marie Kondo for their souls NOT another freaking eating plan (promising Nirvana if you have the willpower) that’s not sustainable!

At Midlife, so many women start to find it impossible to ignore the unresolved issues that built their core-beliefs since their childhoods or early adulthood and guess what, some of these beliefs and self-preservation habits are now starting to BITE!

The good news is that THERE IS HOPE AND THERE IS HELP!

Hope that all habits are made and all habits can be transformed and help via spending some deeply valuable time, safely exploring these booby traps, processing and making sense of the past and then releasing the tired old stuff into order to quite literally rebirth.  This is what I do during Midlife Transition Coaching® sessions!  It’s gentle yet powerful, holding yet freeing, slightly scary yet deeply brave.  Ultimately, at Midlife, to ensure that our next years have the capacity to be our best years, THE WAY TO IT (OUR GOALS, DREAMS AND NEW LIFE) HAPPENS BY GOING FEARLESSLY THROUGH IT (OUR OLD LIFE)….shining a light into shadowed corners, understanding and then rewriting our stories and dedicating ourselves to authoring a life of our own deepest design!

So what ‘tools’ do I use to help you gently unravel, make sense of your past, current and future life and build the resilience required for  your ‘life re-design’?

  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching
    Cognitive Behavioural Coaching is an approach to coaching model that draws on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  It offers exercises, activities, and models that allow a coach to help their clients to identify and challenge unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It starts with the insight that events can trigger negative thoughts.
  • Compassionate Inquiry®
    Compassionate Inquiry is a psychotherapeutic approach developed by Dr. Gabor Maté that reveals what lies beneath the appearance we present to the world.  Using Compassionate Inquiry, both the individual and therapist unveil the level of consciousness, mental climate, hidden assumptions, implicit memories and body states that form the real message that words both express and conceal.  Through Compassionate Inquiry, the client can recognize the unconscious dynamics that run their lives and how to liberate themselves from them.“The purpose of Compassionate Inquiry is to drill down to the core stories people tell themselves – to get them to see what story they are telling themselves unconsciously; what those beliefs are, where they came from; and guide them to the possibility of letting go of those stories, or letting go of the hold those stories have on them …That’s what Compassionate Inquiry is.”~ Dr. Gabor Maté
  • Neurolinguistic Programming – NLP  is neuroscience-based approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.   NLP’s creators claim there is a connection between neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming), and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.
  • Tension/Trauma Release Exercises – TRE®TRE® is an innovative series of SOMATIC exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. The exercises safely activate a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system.  This shaking of the muscles increases the resiliency of the body because it causes deep relaxation that naturally reduces stress levels. It can release emotions ranging from mild upset to severe anxiety whether it is caused by work stress, excessive worry, conflict in relationships, physical stresses or traumas from accidents.
  • 6 R’s Framework – Relating, Resourcing, Reprocessing, Repatterning, Reflecting and Resilience – Drawing on the work of Clinical Psychologist Dr. Arielle Schwarz.  The 6 R’s Framework provide a step-by-step map to understanding and resolving challenging life events and establishing new/more helpful behaviours.

MTC® is  not suitable for you if……

  • You have a clinically diagnosed history of  ‘mental health’ episodes.  Especially those that have required either in-patient or out-patient clinical care.
  • You have currently or have had previously, any suicide ideation or suicide attempts.

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What Happens After You’ve Booked Your Session?


  1.  Whether booking an Exploratory Call or a Block of Full Sessions, you’ll be asked to complete a short Client Pre-Screening Form which will help me gain insight into the current ‘challenges’ that you’re seeking support with.  This is an online form, which you simply complete and hit RETURN to send it back to me at least 24 hours before your session time.
  2.  You will automatically received confirmation of your appointment and if necessary (Full Block of Sessions Bookings Only) I will then be in touch with you, via email to check over an details where I need   further information.
  3.  We then ‘see’ each other at the appointment time, using the Zoom online platform.
  4.  Full Session Bookings Only – In nearly all cases, you’ll be given ‘homework’ to complete between sessions.  This ensures that we truly do move your forward towards your goals in a very practical sense as opposed to only talking about issues, however valuable that too is.  I’ll be in touch via email support and encourage you in the completion of your personalized ‘homework’ and/or adjust it to your needs as required.