Midlife Transition
Coaching® 1-1 Sessions

If you’re not ready for a full-on 4 month IMMERSION but feel that your Midlife Transition could seriously benefit from some dedicated SENSE-MAKING, HEALING + ‘MAPMAKING’ TIME……these hour long coaching sessions where we combine the power of Compassionate Inquiry(R), NLP, Neuroscience and Cognitive Behaviour Coaching strategies will truly help you start to make sense of where you’ve been, where you are and how to make your dreams for your future become very much a
reality. If you’re seeking clarity, and the support to make a SOLID plan for your future, these sessions will help you get SUPER CLEAR AND MAKE CHANGES THAT STICK!

As your Coach, I’ll walk side-by-side with you to help you
unearth your innate wisdom and the root cause of
troublesome emotions and habits that are keeping you stuck
and preventing you from living or planning YOUR BEST LIFE,

This is EVIDENCED-BASED, SOUL-CENTERED THERAPEUTIC COACHING AT IT’S BEST, because we get to the heart of what’s really going on right now and historically and then together we make a plan to ensure that you are supported in achieving the change you so dearly desired. The role of this beautiful coaching process is to BRING YOU BACK TO THE ESSENCE OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE!
Make no mistake, these sessions might get a little challenging, but it’s in shining a light on these areas of stuckness that they lose their power and finally start to unravel with ease.



“I can’t thank Jenny enough for the insight and new perspective that she has brought into my life. I had worked with coaches and therapists before and I had never felt this level of connection and trust. Jenny just ‘got’ me since the first session, with her incredible empathy and ability to read between the lines, she was able to understand and articulate with accuracy my thoughts and feelings. She helped me understand the source of my perfectionism and suppressed anger and most importantly, she gave me PRACTICAL tools and exercises to work with them instead of against them. With other therapists I felt stuck in the intellectual part of understanding the behaviours and patterns and left without concrete actions to bring change to my life. At first I was a reluctant to have “online” coaching sessions as I assumed it would feel impersonal and awkward. Jenny’s warmth, authenticity and great sense of humour made me forget that there was a screen between us. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations and – even when we discussed difficult topics- I left feeling empowered and inspired afterwards. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Jenny for all the “wisdom bombs” that you dropped on me during these past months. You couldn’t have arrived to my life at a more perfect time.” MJ, Germany

“Coming into Jenny’s space was like coming in out of the storm into a warm, cosy home. I felt completely safe, held and empowered to share my story. The healing she facilitated was remarkable. Her guidance and wisdom is priceless” – SLB, Wales.

“I cannot recommend Jenny highly enough! As a behaviour change coach myself it hadn’t been easy to find someone who had both the expertise I valued and whom I felt I could trust implicitly. I knew I needed help to work through a few ‘blocks’ which I was unable to shift by myself. Jenny has a real gift in creating a safe space to talk. She provides the most supportive environment for each session you have with her as well as providing the challenge needed (without any judgement) to help you as the client move forward. AND yes, that was created over Zoom. Her patience, impartiality, guidance and honesty together with her focus on your needs as the client are second to none. She is a rare find and someone I will continue to work with on a regular basis.” LBC, UK

Sound good?
 Ready for some Midlife Transition Coaching®?

Sessions are held via Zoom, so Coaching is possible wherever
you are in the world with an internet connection!

Or find out more about the
 ‘Radical Midlife Re-Design’
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